This exposed fastener roof system is designed for customers who are trying to add original rustic appeal to their modern architecture.

Unlike traditional material, you do not have to wait for this product to age nor sacrifice warranties. This panel is popular because unlike many other panels which need to be weathered to achieve desired look, the Streaked Series is a painted product that comes with a long-lasting warranty.

western streak series


*These color samples are as close as possible to actual colors offered within the limits of color reproduction.
Substrate subject to change

Paint Details:
Select colors also available in G90 galvanized/AZ50 galvalume Kynar500/Hylar5000 cooltech paint finish. 35 year non prorated fully transferable paint film warranty. Available in 26 and 24 gauge.


Panels are 36 inches wide and 3/4 inch high and are installed vertically on structures, seamless extending 1/2 -1 inch past the bottom roof edge to top of roof plane, underneath roof ridge-cap. Panels are secured using exposed zinc or carbon steel anti-back out fasteners beside each profile rib. Fastener rows are divided equally 28-40 inches apart depending on length of roof plane or specific application requirement. Panels can be installed over existing substrates/ shingles or over purlins that are no more than 28 inches apart. Can be installed on roof slopes as low as 3/12 pitch.

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