The beautiful Masterlok 150 panels come with the same benefits as the popular Masterlok 100 series with the added benefit of a more distinctive look due to its bold higher profiles.

This roof system is popular with customers looking for a bold contemporary roof to match their modern structures.

We produce this panel on site with one of our portable computerized roll formers which reduces the risk of scratches/damage that often occur during shipping/ handling, it also allows us to manufacture any length panel while cutting down on waste.

This versatile panel can be installed on a wide range of residential and commercial

Metal Roof in koko brown


*Refer to Masterlok Lifetime 100 for paint options

Panels are installed vertically on structures, seamless in any length. Snap together design secured through slotted nail flange with concealed carbon steel screws which allow for ultimate in panel movement associated with expansion/ retraction of metal. All edges are hand hemmed to eliminate any raw edges

which provides better aesthetics while minimizing the chance of edge rust. Panels can be secured over shingles as long as structure weight limits have not been breached and can also be installed over purlins up to 4 feet apart. Can be installed on roof slopes as low as 1/12 pitch.

masterlok150 panel with straitions
masterlok150 panel without striations
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