This durable classic choice is a favorite for commercial applications.

This commercial panel which is designed for pitched roofs and is very popular due to its economical exposed fastener installation system which dramatically reduces installation time-saving customers money.

This structural panel is designed to span purlins up to 4 feet apart.

Commercial building in white



28/29 gauge class 4 impact resistant panels. Panels are secured vertically on structures, seamless up to 40 feet long. Secured with zinc or carbon steel anti backout fasteners which are placed beside each rib profile in uniform lines 24-40 inches apart depending on application. Panels can be installed over existing shingles as long as structure weight limits have not been breached, or over solid substrates, can also be installed over purlins provided they are no more then 28 inches apart. Can be installed on roof pitches as low as 3/12 pitch Panels are 36-inches wide, profile ribs 1-inch high. Available in 24-26 gauge material.

PBR panel
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